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Services Overview


IndustryCove ERP


What is an ERP system? And why should anyone care to use it?


Today, small & medium sized businesses (SMEs) are not so different from large/enterprises. The SMEs face similar complexities as a large businesses do, but have limited resources to deal with such complexity.


Small businesses (like their bigger counterparts) have to:


* Keep track of sales/purchases for all accounts (Accounting)

* Pay taxes to the goverment

* Pay their employees and/or vendors

* Manage deliveries within promised timelines

* Deliver quality goods and services


communicate with customers, answer queries And generally try to keep everyone happy.


IndustryCove ERP is a modern tool that covers not only accounting but also all other business functions, on an integrated platform. It has many benefits over both traditional accounting as well as other ERP applications.


Benefits over big-name ERPs


* $$$ - Saves money.

* Easier to configure: Big ERPs are notoriously hard to setup and will ask you a zillion questions before you can do something meaningful.

* Easier to use: Modern web like user interface will keep your users happy and in familiar territory.


IndustryCove ERP connects all of your departments including sales (crm & marketing), HR, Accounting, shipping, and your external vendors and partners. Start-ups to enterprises can begin with one module and add additional modules as they grow or expand their business. Should you really be running your business without an ERP infrastructure?


DeepBlueDLP Encryption


We keep your data dark to hackers, and expose hackers' activities to you


Deep Blue DLP secures your data all the time. We protect your data against any attack and block all unauthorized processes and access. The system will report to you all access activities, both allowed and unauthorized attempts to access your data by both internal and external forces in real-time.


Other security platforms may claim to protect your data, but all they are doing is playing catch-up with hackers.


DeepBlue DLP:


* Highest Level Security

* Central Data Access Control

* Protection Against: Ransomeware, Phishing, and Malicious Insiders

* Your system is protected against any known and unknown attacks

* You are protected against Data breaches


DeepBlue DLP lock your data down, stopping breaches and blocking attacks even if hackers enters your cyberspace.


Data Protection anywhere; while your data is in use, in transit and sharing, and even at rest.






Obsidian SecureCloud


Stop attacks on your critical applications!  Hide them from hackers in an invisible Black Cloud, the Obsidian SecureCloud!


In one solution, we can solve the biggest threats to your business – credential theft, vulnerable code exploitation, and brute force large scale DDoS attacks. Make your critical applications completely invisible by moving or wrapping them within Obsidian SecureCloud – on premise or in a public or private cloud, a DMZ, a server in a data center, or even inside an application server.


Obsidian SecureCloud Protects your business and home:


OSC has been tested repeatedly and proven to stop all forms of network attacks including DDoS, Man-in-the-Middle, Server Query (OWASP10), as well as Advanced Persistent Threats (APT).


We provide protection to the following markets:


* Digital Risk Management Providers

* Cyber Security Engineers and organizations

* The Energy Industry

* Enterprise and large International Corporations

* SMEs and SMB's

* Federal/Local Governments

* Computer Network Operations (CNO)

* MSP's and Compliance Integration







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