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Data analytics is the science of drawing insights from raw information sources. Many of the techniques and processes of data analytics have been automated into mechanical processes and algorithms that work over raw data for human consumption.


Data analytics refers to qualitative and quantitative techniques and processes used to enhance productivity and business gain. Data is extracted and categorized to identify and analyze behavioral data and patterns, and techniques vary according to organizational requirements.


Get and blend data from multiple sources


Get data from wide range of sources. Blend them together to create cross functional reports and dashboards, to view your business health across departments.


The Need for Next Gen SaaS Analytics


According to McKinsey, if a software company grows at only 20%, it has a 92% chance of ceasing to exist within a few years.


This means that software companies — particularly SaaS companies — must take every advantage possible to stay alive in a make-it-or-break-it industry. Customer data can empower that competitive edge. Whether it’s measuring retention, product usage, or onboarding, SaaS businesses must have better data collection and analysis across disparate areas of the organization.


Customer Life Cycle


From acquisition, to adoption, to retention, Kingston Data has the data and the tools you need to improve every part of the customer’s journey. Ensure your customers discover and engage with everything you have to offer, and remove friction points throughout their experience.


Understand Your Customers’ Behaviors


Iterate quickly as you dig deep into customer behavior – analyze any event, segment, or property.


Empower Your Team To Be Data Driven


Increase the number of data-driven decisions within your organization. Kingston Data gives your entire organization instant access to data.

Many companies have decided that big data is not just a buzzword, but a new fact of business life -- one that requires having strategies in place for managing large volumes of both structured and unstructured data.


With the reality of big data comes the challenge of analyzing it in a way that brings real business value. Business and IT leaders who started by addressing big data management issues are now looking to use big data analytics to identify trends, detect patterns and glean other valuable findings from the sea of information available to them.


The last few years have seen an explosion in the availability of big data technologies, such as Hadoop and NoSQL databases, offering relatively inexpensive data storage. Companies are now collecting information from more sources and hanging on to scraps of data that in the past they would have considered superfluous. The promise of being able to analyze all that data has increased its perceived value as a corporate asset. The more data, the better. Kingston Data is your reliable source for Data Analytics.

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