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Build And Scale Your Backend Seamlessly!

Game crashes, slow load times, lost inventory...players only notice the effectiveness of your backend infrastructure when things go wrong.


Give players a memorable gaming experience for the right reasons. We work with you to structure the best and the most secure way to store, scale, manage, and transfer data quickly and securely around the world.


After a game is in the hands of your players, data services of your backend are really put to the test. Pompaii Gaming services helps you to quickly distribute game content and updates to players around the world and securely store, process, maintain access, and manage game and player data at scale.


* Launch Globally

* Content Updates and Downloads

* Player Data and Activities




Your game really isn't much fun if players can't actually play due to heavy spikes in user demand or if hackers are crashing it on launch day. Give players uninterrupted gameplay during the unexpected with resilient and fault-tolerant backend services with the security that is important to growing and maintaining a reliable service.



Game development is all about making choices. But without the right data, how do you know what's worth the development effort and cost?


That's why analytics tools are so important. Collect and store meaningful data, regardless of your game's scale or size. Generate real-time insights to see what's trending. Then measure the impact of game changes to see your metrics climb. With our assistance, you're better equipped to deliver what players want most.


Don't leave player happiness to chance!


Whether you want to build your own custom pipelines or get started in minutes with managed services and partners, we provide scalable, secure, and cost-effective solutions to create rich analytics systems in the cloud.


* Ingest and Store Data

* Track Player Preformance    

* Fast, Cost-Effective Insights

* Process Data at Miliseconds Latency

* Multiplayer Game Server Metrics    


Focus on your players, not your servers


Pompeii Game Portal Services will guide and support you with the setup and game server infrastructure that's best for your players — no matter the size or scale of your game.


Whether you want to build your own in the cloud or accelerate development with a managed game service, We will work with you to secure scalable, reliable, and cost-effective solutions.  Pompeii Will always be there to support your development!!


Know Your Players! Grow Your Game!

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