Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)

Integrated Risk Management


* Build risk resilience and simplify mitigation. Gain a complete view of your risk landscape so you can quickly identify, assess, and treat risks to deliver organization-wide assurance.   

* Identify, assess and mitigate critical threats before they escalate with one-to-many controls

* Track control maturity, testing, and effectiveness to close gaps and scale assurance activities as you grow

* Maintain risk registers to monitor risks and deliver visibility for improved decision making and prioritization

* Replace manual, repetitive tasks with automated processes, workflows and data analysis


Compliance Management


* Stay on top of regulatory obligations and streamline the compliance process.

* Track your compliance posture and automate workflows to dramatically reduce manual effort and prioritize efficiently.

* Unlock new revenue streams through improved compliance and risk management

* Free-up resources with one-click reporting and automate evidence gathering and remediation

* Reduce duplication and satisfy multiple compliance requirements with a library of one-to-many controls

* Manage the development, approval, mapping, and distribution of your policies


Vendor & Third-Party Risk Management


* Efficiently assess, monitor, and mitigate vendors and third-party risk. Deliver visibility across vendors and manage the entire lifecycle to ensure your data is secure and you remain compliant.

* Maintain a vendor inventory, consolidate third-party risk data and track their security posture

* Understand how vendors handle your data so you can make data-driven decisions 

* Ensure vendors are compliant and standardize evaluation with custom assessments

* Streamline the vendor lifecycle and shorten your due-diligence processes by up to 90%  with automated workflows and risk scoring integrations


Address Your Most Pressing Risks First


* Quickly pinpoint risks associated with the most critical activities across the enterprise, from vendor interactions to finance to sales and marketing.

* Conduct risk assessments with internal stakeholders to rate the likelihood and potential impact of risks.

* View weighted risk scores generated by customizable calculations through the Risk Cloud dashboard and reports.


Streamline Routine Tasks and Focus On What's Important


Automate document collection with a workflow management system that facilitates deadline-triggered requests, transparent tracking, and notifications.

Activate dynamic questionnaire templates to accept interview and survey input.

Dig into reporting and analysis with custom analytics and heat maps that deliver in-depth, real-time data on critical risks across your enterprise.


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