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Who We Are 


Kingston Bay Technologies make sensors and systems that are used in a wide range of applications, including advanced manufacturing, vehicles, commercial manned and unmanned vehicles. We pride ourselves on being both innovative and responsive to our customer's requirements. Kingston Bay Technologies is a Wyoming Corporation









We offer quality products while maintaining cost efficiencies.


We offer a fully integrated product solution to our OEM partners:


We develop software.

We develop hardware and we build prototypes.

We manufacture the product cost effectively in volume.

We custom configure and fulfill.




In almost every industry today, most activities rely on being connected.


Downtime means lost business, or more.


Kingston Bay Technologies simplifies the process of staying connected, and allows companies to focus on what they do best.


We develop and innovate across various applications and industries. Kingston Bay Technologies help companies stay connected with their mission-critical systems to provide reliable services to their clients, partners, and customers.



With offices in New York, San Francisco, and Maryland. We are a privately held corporation that was founded in 2010.


Our first sensors were designed to track small equipment; since then, we've expanded our product line through continual product improvements that has helped us to reach new markets.


As our customer base widened, we continued to innovate by creating a sensor mesh along with advanced controllers that can be customized to


serve different industries. We added wireless capability so that low power, digital sensors could communicate easily with different hardware, giving them the ability to send and receive data to and from the internet.


As our products became more capable of sampling at high rates in large synchronized networks, it became obvious that managing all the data collected from these devices was no easy task. This has led us to develop a robust cloud-based sensor management platform, giving us the ability to easily store, view, analyze, and monitor data from anywhere in the world.


Our Versatile cloud-based platform communicates with various types of wired and wireless technologies. In fact, our platform can communicate with any wired or wireless IOT technology. We deliver simple solutions that can enable greater connectivity for machines and devices.


Machine to machine communication and the Internet of Things are opening up new possibilities that can help businesses operate and connect devices more efficiently. Kingston Bay works hard to lead the way,