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Connected Platforms


IOT Integration Platform.


IoT Integration Platform enables acquisition, storage, processing, and visualization of M2M device data, as well as integration of this data into the enterprise.

Healthcare Providers & Hospitals 


Parameters that are usually measured inside of the hospital  or senior care facility can be now be monitored 24/7 from any location. Parameters such as Activity, Temperature, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, etc.


Wearable Device Maagement


Kingston Bay Technologies IoT Platform enables centralized monitoring and data aggregation for various wearable medical devices and mobile e-health applications.


Intelligent Big Data processing algorithms allow detecting negative trends proactively, providing a strong foundation for building customized predictive medicine solutions.


Improve the monitoring level of your medical facilities and services by applying the following  functionalities:


* Monitoring of medical equipment in hospitals and laboratories.


* Integration with monitoring of IT infrastructure below the medical device network.


* Integration with building automation and environment control


* Monitoring of virtualized infrastructure and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)


* Physician Portals and Patient Portals


* BI and ERP systems integration


Low-Power, Wide-Area Networks 


Traditional cellular networks don't deliver a good combination of technical features and operational cost for those IoT applications that need wide-area coverage combined with relatively low bandwidth, good battery life, low hardware and operating cost, and high connection density. The long-term goal of a wide-area IoT network is to deliver data rates from hundreds of bits per second (bps) to tens of kilobits per second (kbps) with nationwide coverage, a battery life of up to 10 years, a low-cost endpoint hardware. Support for hundreds of thousands of devices connected to a base station or its equivalent. The first low-power wide-area networks (LPWANs) were based on proprietary technologies, but in the long term emerging standards such as Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) will likely dominate this space.


Low-Power, Short-Range IoT Networks 


Selecting a wireless network for an IoT device involves balancing many conflicting requirements, such as range, battery life, bandwidth, density, endpoint cost and operational cost. Low-power, short-range networks will dominate wireless IoT connectivity through 2025, far outnumbering connections using wide-area IoT networks. However, commercial and technical trade-offs mean that many solutions will coexist, with no single dominant winner and clusters emerging around certain technologies, applications and vendor ecosystems.


The technologies and principles of IoT will have a very broad impact on organizations, affecting business strategy, risk management and a wide range of technical areas such as architecture and network design.


The IoT introduces a wide range of new security risks and challenges to the IoT devices themselves, their platforms and operating systems, their communications, and even the systems to which they're connected. Security technologies will be required to protect IoT devices and platforms from both information attacks and physical tampering, to encrypt their communications, and to address new challenges such as impersonating "things" or denial-of-sleep attacks that drain batteries. IoT security will be complicated by the fact that many "things" use simple processors and operating systems that may not support sophisticated security approaches. Kingston Bay Technologies makes it all work for you.


We Build, Support , and install Sensors To Create Connected Products 


Enpowering Users To Take Control Of Their Health 


* Connected devices help medical professionals to build better relationship with existing patients remotely.


Kingston Bay's eHealth Network Link also gives them the ability to reach out to a larger circle of new patients effortlessly.


* Medical professionals can help their patients to understand their health better.


* eHealth Network Link helps to facilitate better communication flow between patients family and referring medical practitioners.




Industrial Automation & SCADA/HMI


SCADA/HMI is a new-gen SCADA system for industrial and building automation, process control, telemetry, and designing custom Human-Machine Interfaces.

Virtual Infrastructure Monitoring


Kingston Bay Network Manager facilitates consolidation, monitoring, automating, optimization and planning of your VMware-based virtual infrastructure.

GSM/3G/LTE Device Management


Kingston Bay can securely manage and monitor different wireless devices deployed across a large area, including CDMA/GSM/3G/LTE modems and modules, industrial SMS gateways, mobile POS devices, etc.

Automatic Meter Reading


Kingston Bay can collect consumption, diagnostic and status data from water, gas, heat, and electric meters and store this data in out Cloud-based Server's database for billing, troubleshooting and analyzing.

Industry Specific Management


Kingston Bay consolidates industry-specific, facility and IT infrastructure events providing centralized situation, incident and alarm management and immediately delivering alerts via SMS messaging to personnel.